Thank you!

Just woke up this morning, and noticed that I’ve hit over 1,000 followers, which is wonderful! My whole intention of this blog is to share what’s in my collection with a greater audience. I love that I have a truly diverse following, from librarians and historians and pop-culture lovers, to burlesquers, vintage buffs, fetishists, cosplayers, and more - it’s great to see such a mass appeal. Thank you ALL for the follows, likes, and reblogs!

I’ve been getting some fun new acquisitions to my collection in the past few weeks. I just received two bound volumes of Vogue from 1947, a nice set of Calling All Girls from the late ‘40s and early ‘50s, a bound volume of Mademoiselle from 1962, amongst others. Looking at the gaps in my collection, I am looking at the gaps in my collection, and will be adding more interior design magazines as well as some more male-oriented magazines. I’ve also been working at archiving and cataloguing the collection. 

Since I started, I must say I’ve learned a ton. My curious mind will look into the history of specific products and brands and I’ll research it. Having this collection isn’t just a fun way to share all this content with you, but to share how important it is to learn more about our collective culture. Magazines do a very good job at providing those time capsules because they are essentially, very much a product of the present

I guess that’s why I started Periodically Vintage, with the mission of being a multimedia experience into the history and cultural significance of magazines. This is what birthed this site and the podcast, where I read an article in full as originally published. I really wanted to share the content of the articles, because while the magazines have amazing visuals, the articles provide the meat. 

Another idea that I’m throwing around is to start posting videos in a “Show and Tell” format - getting more into the history of certain products as well as some really interesting tidbits based on content I find in the magazines, complete with visual accompaniments and all the trimmings.