For the Love of Vintage!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with old magazines and catalogs. I specifically remember poring through my mom’s Family Circle magazines and ripping out pages for collages for school. The pictures and the advertisements were always a fascination of mine, and I would constantly be looking at the magazines that my mom saved in the house (a lot of home decorating magazines from the ‘70s and old Consumer’s catalogs). 

Eventually, I would start a collection of my own, and today I have titles spanning from the 1930s to the early 1990s. Mainly, the collection is primarily women’s interest and teen publications, but I do have some great titles like Popular Science, Life, Rolling Stone, and Spin. 

It’s become quite a thrilling hobby for me, and I just realized after settling into my new apartment and organizing the collection, that the content needs to be shared. It would be a disservice to keep all this to myself, as it really is a true snapshot of American history and popular culture. 

With this in mind, I welcome you to stay tuned for the first episode of the Periodically Vintage podcast, which will be a spoken word program that will highlight an article from the collection. I’ll also be posting scans of advertisements, articles featured, and other nuggets from the highlighted issue of the week.