Fashion Focus: Resort Wear From 1963

Fashion Focus: Resort Wear From 1963

Flipping through the January 1963 issue of Glamour, I came across this delightful advertorial which was a joint effort from Best & Co, Muriel Ryan, and Northeast Airlines promoting resortwear for a vacation of fun and sun in St. Petersburg, FL. Let's get right to it on the fashion spread, and then I'll give you a little department store and airline history for your enjoyment. 

Exciting St. Petersburg, with 260 days of sun and 24 hours of fun, appeals especially to the young...and the Gulf Winds Vacation Apartments, on the beach, offer everything from kitchens, to air conditioning, to an Olympic size pool for a memorable vacation. 


Muriel Ryan Covers the Waterfront adjacent to the Gulf Winds Vacation Apartments with sun seeking seaside shades that sparkle against the pure white Gulf of Mexico sand. All in cool Everglaze BanCare cotton that sheds wrinkles. Sizes 7 to 15. 

Left: Flower garden print sleeveless blouse with little round split collar, triangle scarf. Yellows or pinks predominant. Jib cloth wrap and tie skirt in white only. 

Right: Floral print blouse with round collar, roll sleeves. Blues or limes predominant. Matching Jamaica shots with side closing, self bet.

Exciting St. Petersburg offers entertainment by international artists. The famous Outrigger Inn is the place to stay. Two swimming pools, a private yacht basin and beach, fine cuisine are some of the charms of this Polynesian decorated luxury resort. 


Muriel Ryan Beachmates Dash From Dock to Pool at the palm fringed Outrigger Inn with a pause to admire the view of the bay and the 800 feet of private sand beach. Designed with the wiles and wit Young Cosmopolitans admire, the denim and the ticking are both cotton. Sizes 7 to 15. 

LeftL Blue denim shift with red/white checked applique trim. 

Matching 2 piece swimsuit. 

Right: Ticking striped shift with colorful appliques. Black on white. 

Matching 1-piece swimsuit. 

Plan to play in exciting St. Petersburg where the sun shines winter and summer. Plan to watch Jai Alai at the Tampa Fronton, the sensational Spanish ball game that is probably the oldest, the fastest, most skillful in the world. 


Muriel Ryan Courts Applause for some very special shirtwaist skill and charm, seen here under the lights at the Jai Alai game in Tampa's fabulous Fronton. Both are soft Everglaze BanCare no iron cottons with the look of English floral prints and a refreshing coolness all their own. Both in Young Cosmopolitan sizes 5 to 15. 

Left: Cardigan neckline, button front style in green/yellow/pink combination on white. 

Right: Bermuda collar style in blue/green or yellow/green.

Exciting St. Petersburg where sun and sea, sports and entertainment are yours for the choosing. Be sure to catch the thrilling greyhound races day or night  at famous Derby Lane, the world's oldest greyhound track. 


Muriel Ryan Plays To Win at the internationally famous Derby Lane greyhound racing track...puts all bets on our Young Cosmopolitan photo finish prints in lean, cool shifts of Arnel triacetate jersey. Sizes 5 to 15. 

Left: Alligator print shirt shift with self sash. Brown with white. 

Right: Pastel zebra stripes with patch pockets, self sash (not shown) and triangle scarf. Gold, blue or pink with white. 

Exciting St. Petersburg offers suntanning on Madeira's pure white, sandy beach and swimming in the calm, safe Gulf of all the shopping, living and entertainment features of a progressive city. 


Muriel Ryan Finds Complete Shopping on the beach...a handy and happy diversion in multicolor, conversation print  shirtdresses of cool cotton. The dresses, including little triangle scarfs and elasticized rope belts, are a complete joy for vacationing Young Cosmopolitans. Sizes 5 to 15. 

Left: Herb print with tiny button-down collar, full skirt. Green. 

Right: Candy-jar print with button front, full skirt. Blue or pink. 

Exciting St. Petersburg has sailing, major league baseball training, fishing as just a few of the local attractions. For a real tour of attractions, drop in at the Shouppe Travel Center and arrange for a sightseeing trip of the area. 


Muriel Ryan Plans On Plaids for arrivals and departures in the Young Cosmopolitan manner...picks shirtdress classics for their easy, casual ways and timeless good looks. These in cotton, sizes 5 to 15. 

Left: Full skirt style of imported Indian bleeding madras in multicolors. 

Right: 2-piece-denim coat and madras-look plaid dress with slim lines. Blues. 

Best & Co.jpg

Best & Co. was a department store founded in 1879 and was known for it's renowned children's department, called the Lilliputian Bazaar. Later it expanded to women's wear, and the department that was featured in this advertorial was their juniors department, called Young Cosmopolitan. Originally located in the Ladies' Mile District (23rd Street and Sixth Avenue), it would move to 35th and 5th before moving up to its final, grand marble location on 51st and Fifth. By 1966, Best & Co. would be acquired by McCrory's. Customers noticed a decline in quality after the acquisition which would only keep the old, grand department store alive through the end of 1970. If you'd like to catch a glimpse of Best's, the facade was featured in the original Godfather film. After the store closed, the site was sold to Olympic Airways (owned by Aristotle Onassis) who would break ground for a mixed condo/office building in 1972, and would open in 1976. 


Northeast Airlines was a regional airline based in Boston that had roots in the Boston and Maine Railroad and Maine Central Railroad. Eventually, it would expand service to New York and wouldn't go further south until their "Sunliner" service began in 1957 which traveled between NYC's LaGuardia Airport and Miami. Service would expand in the mid '60s on their "Yellowbirds," but despite their expansion efforts, they were still a less popular option than their competitors. By 1972, Delta would purchase Northeast, especially to gain access that they didn't have at the time.  

The Sign of Fashion, 1963 (Glamour, January 1963)

The Sign of Fashion, 1963 (Glamour, January 1963)

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