The Sign of Fashion, 1963 (Glamour, January 1963)

The Sign of Fashion, 1963 (Glamour, January 1963)

A horoscope is like a whooping compliment: though you may not believe it, it's still fun to hear it. On the following pages, you'll find a zodiac of love-and-success predictions for 1963, along with love-and-success clothes. (Accompanied, in each case, by that best of all accessories, an attractive man. The one we show is gifted film actor Tony Randall, to be seen soon in "Not On Your Life" and next in "The Brass Bottle.") Unlike the horoscopes, the fashions are interchangeable/ A sage Sagittarius might profitably acquire what Aquarius is wearing. A Gemini might look doubly good in Capricorn's cloths. So turn now, for fortune, and how to make your fashion fortune. 


Libra: Sept. 23 to Oct. 22

Libra women are the most beautiful in the their best friend.

You're elegant, ladylike, graceful, with marvelous hair, eyes, complexion, and a great birthstone: diamonds. You have sex appeal, a soft musical voice. Sweet and kind by nature, highly intellectual, your courtesy, honesty, sense of justice make you a born diplomat. Inclined to marry young, you always have a charming house, harmonious family life. Fault to guard against: moodiness, self-indulgence. This will neither be your best nor worst year. First three months are particularly favorable. A time to lie low: July 16 to Sept. 11. Don't marry then; avoid any unnecessary risks (such as letting actor Tony Randall take a big bit out of your great diamond necklace by Cartier). If you work, expect a promotion. The perfume we suggest: 20 Carats, by Dana. 



Cancer: June 22 to July 21

Sudden travel likely; feel assured of a safe journey. You'll go far in a shaped suit.

Cancer born, romantic dreamers - the most home-loving of all. Though you're the master (or slave) of many moods, your perception is knife-sharp - you see much more than you'll say. '63? In your favor: you'll be more reckless, less a recluse...may splurge on emotions...even, in August, change your whole life. Romance looks tricky. Beware! Navy blue suit, white cotton piqué blouse, by Evan -Piccone. The perfume we suggest: Lelong's Tailspin. 


Leo: July 22 to Aug. 21

You believe in having a good time with your money. Put some in jewels for a white suit. 

Leo people love power and glory - and get it. A regal dynamo, you're extravagant, love fun, people. In '63: caution. You may love deeply, but too well. Tame your ego; others star. Check your rash, lavish nature; you'll learn much. White Einiger mohair/nylon suit, navy wool jersey overblouse, but Junior-Aire. The pin by House of Jo. The perfume we suggest: Fabergé's Flambeau. 


Aquarius: Jan. 21 to Feb. 19

You act before most people have a chance to think. And you're always dressed beautifully for the occasion. 

Aquarius - although your temper is not to be overlooked, you are humane, idealistic and unselfish. Your mind disregards petty conventions when something important is at stake. An intellectual by nature, you are impatient with those who can't keep up. Avoid financial pitfalls in the first half of '63 and the year will end profitably. Romance in March and June. Navy Couture silk crepe dress by Donald Brooks for Townley. Earrings, by Mimi di N. The perfume we suggest: Lanvin's Scandal. 


Capricorn: Dec. 22 to Jan. 20

Once you put your mind to it, you can do almost anything. You're particularly irresistible in pink. 

Capricorn - ambitious, willful, persevering, you work hard for what you want and won't take short cuts. Sulky when thwarted, you're also a charmer, a more-than-skin-deep beauty, a fascinating conversationalist. In '63 expect to: travel abroad, make money in real estate, take an important step in love. Pink wool suit, Celanese acetate and rayon crepe overblouse, by Junior Sophisticates. The hat by Adolfo. *See it again on our Beauty Book Cover.) Bracelet by Castlecliff. The perfume we suggest: Worth's Je Reviens. 



Gemini: May 21 to June 21

Your dual nature is likely to take on two things at once. Likely you like two tones of a color. 

Gemini - you enjoy diversified mental companionship (like the two faces of Tony)...are inventive, but with a concrete mind, good with facts and figures...yearn for a picturesque life. Forecast for '63: bad year to buy real estate, but a good one to make contacts with publishers. Look forward to: big financial success during April. Coat of pale blue Strong Hewat bouclé wool. By P.R.I.. Greta bag. Fiorentina pump. Your scent: Amour Amour, by Patou. 



Taurus: April 20 to May 20

You're dogged in any attempts to achieve an important goal. A fitted suede coat is something you insist on. 

Taurus - you're the opposite of high-strung: patient, tenacious...give opinions that are honest and unbiased, may have a find singing voice. You have the highest respect for money (don't let it be too high)...a great sense of beauty, but also of comfort. Ahead for '63: sudden and unusual romance, a minimum of travel. Your best color, blue, like this coat. Navy blue suede coat. By Leathermodes. Fuchs gloves. Napier bracelet. 




Aries: Mar. 21 to Apr. 19

You want to make your home in a very prominent location. Yellow is your guiding light. 

Aries - a born leader, reluctant follower, quick-tempered, quick-thinking and quick- moving, you forge ahead dynamically on every front. Your frankness sometimes gets you into trouble your vivacious personality usually gets you out of it. People love your company - you generate excitement. A slow start in '63, but a glorious finale, with you richer, more successful and in love again. Navy and yellow wool jersey suit, by Roger Van S. Navy pump, by Panorama. The perfume we suggest; Revlon's Intimate. 


Virgo: Aug. 22 to Sept. 22

Close and confining places tend to irritate you. But casual clothes will cheer you up. 

Virgo - your intellect probes, your wit delights, but your sometimes-too-harsh critical sense can put people off. You are thorough and thoroughly dependable in everything you do. You don't fall in love easily or often. When you do, it's triple strength. Expect many changes in '63 and maybe a marriage in marriage in March. Beige and grey wool/fibrene dress, by Lanz. Bag by Lederer. The perfume we suggest: Helena Rubenstein's Fourth Dimension. 


Pisces: Feb 20 to Mar. 20

Your luckiest shades are everything lavender. White is bright, too. 

Pisces - your best locations for success are the seashore and cities near water...a vivid imagination may lead you to daydreaming, and your sensitive concern for others to a career in the healing arts. You're constantly affected by those around you, must guard against imagining personal slights. '63 is the best year for you of all the zodiac signs, good for music and for money. Dress and overblouse of ivory Celanese acetate/rayon crepe, by Mr. Mort. Pin, by Risa. The perfume we suggest: Yardley's Lavender. 



Scorpio: Oct. 23 to Nov. 21

You're lucky where money is concerned, and like money, too. Checks will be coming your way. 

Scorpio - you tend to be an extremist, dominant, strong-willed, often autocratic...seldom sidetracked from your goals by misfortune. You love the mysterious, are secretive yourself. You may excel as a chemist or surgeon. Forecast for '63: Look for excitement in the new friends you meet, lean over backwards to keep family harmony. Coat of Berroco worsted wool, by Adolphe Zelinka. Gloves, by Wear Right. Pin, by Benedikt. Perfume we suggest: Piguet's Brigand. 


Sagittarius: Nov. 22 to Dec. 21

You love the great outdoors, nature, sports, and wildlife. You also wear the natural. 

Sagittarius - you balance healthy good looks with wise intuition, disarming honesty. Easy-going, you're always going - ready for adventure (at the whim of a Bentley convertible). '63? Expect the unexpected: You will shine, but lack of tact may mean trouble; curb your impulses. Romance, bright in March...look for eventful career changes by 1964, Irish linen dress, top in mushroom; skirt, coat in oatmeal. Junior Sophisticates. The perfume we suggest: Ciro's Danger. 

Forecast '63: expect cool weather, hot fashion news. 

When  you're ready to feel as fresh as spring, you'll pick fashions before you'll picnic. We didn't pick these fresh spring fashions astrologically - and don't you either. What's right for you is what's new and becoming. This spring, a lot is. Coming up in color: navy, with a new kind of bit, worn often with sharp dashes of yellow. Yellow itself is the biggest color around, also the brightest. Pink, blue, naturals, continue from winter, in new whitened shades. As pastels, they take careful dressing, to look "town," not "out of town." What's showing up in shapes? In coats, shape is...not necessarily tight fitting, but rarely free-fall. If there's only a bit of fit, look for it in the front. The other shape to watch, overblouses, in many fabrics from heavy wool - some are suite jackets that look like pull-overs - to light-weight crepes with full skirts. Often a wool overblouse is over another blouse, continuing the favored layered look. Suits, too, have great range, from daytime tailored to feminine-just-short-of-fluttery. For the most important accessory news, look up - then down. Hats are well off the face, turn up in new shapes such as the snood, the baby's sun hat. Shoes are in glove colors, including the yellows, the greys, the in betweens; also in navy, an accent we like with pales. Gloves themselves grow to a new length: the four-button length, or about two inches above the wrist. 

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