Journal Beauty Workshop - Ladies' Home Journal, September 1952

Journal Beauty Workshop - Ladies' Home Journal, September 1952

Original copy as appeared in the September 1952 issue of Ladies' Home Journal 

Your air-mail letter flies across the country to us: "My husband due home from Korea in a can I lose the extra weight I have failed while he was gone?" Your friendly note comes along: "My children are reaching the age where they are very anxious for 'mother to be attractive'...I do so want them to be proud of me." Your special delivery, brimming with excitement, reaches us: "I'll be in town for a week...can you suggest a new hair style? I'd like something special to surprise the folks back home."

Your requests reassure us in our belief that woman's desire for beauty emanates from her inner being and is carried forward in the knowledge that her achievement of beauty will bring happiness into the lives of others - as well as her own. Such longing for loveliness is a natural desire, and it should be encouraged in a natural way. 

Here you see the Journal beauty staff giving the sort of beauty counsel you might follow in your own home. It is sound advice based on simple procedures, for we know beauty does not come from straining and artifice. It begins with a dream of yourself as you might be - is arrived by practical steps, faithfully followed. Most of all, it is achieved through recognition of your own inner possibilities. A warm heart, a generous spirit and a forward-looking mind quicken your own response to beauty - and the world's response to you. 

Our Beauty Workshop is like an extension of your own home. We like to try out on ourselves and one another the beauty offerings devised by ingenious manufacturers. We live on the diets. We follow the exercises. You can do all that we do. An honest facing of facts, planning, and a willingness to do a little every day are all that are required. What better time to start than today.  

Dawn Norman listens while the special advantages of a new home permanent rod are outlined to her.   

Dawn Norman listens while the special advantages of a new home permanent rod are outlined to her.  

Journal Beauty Commandments 

Begin each day on the premise that a fresh body makes a fresh spirit. Count on plenty of soaping, scrubbing and scenting - as well as clean and tidy clothes - to get you off to a bright start!

Develop a proud posture and a graceful walk and you will feel younger and look younger too. Go forward with your head high, your shoulders erect, your spine straight. A sprightly carriage implies courage and confidence. 

Look forward to (as well as back upon) a trim figure and the good health, becoming clothes and compliments that go with it. First, reach your ideal weight through diet. Then, maintain it by allowing yourself no more than a four pound margin for error. A weekly weight watch and a firm attitude against "extras" between meals and at the table will keep you in line.  



Let your skin glow with a softly feminine look, by treating your face, neck and hands to the cleansing, creaming and protection they need each day too stay young and beautiful. 

Coax your hair into a major expression of your good looks. Give it the daily brushing, regular shampoos and nightly pin-ups necessary to maintain its sparkling good health and good order. Experiment with a new length, a new rinse or a new permanent. Change the arrangement often enough to keep you feeling and looking like an up-to-date beauty! 

Cheer yourself and those around you with a freshly made up face, even if you use only a bright and well-aimed lipstick! For further embellishment: find the shade of powder which adds a pink or rosy glow; eye shadow in a soft shade which intensifies the color of your eyes; mascara to add sweep to your lashes! Apply your colors with a deft touch. 


Let your sense of "fashion" extend to the things you wear around the house. Work won't seem humdrum when you are wearing an apron in your favorite color, a house dress with a flattering neckline or "flats" in bright red leather! 

Help yourself each day to these five free beauty treatments: Exercise. Relaxation. Sunshine. Fresh Air. Sleep! All designed to soothe your jangled nerves and give you strength to go on.  

Encourage other people's interest in you be widening your own interests. Freshen up your days with new things to do. Devote your spare time to a new hobby. Cultivate your talents for becoming a gracious hostess. Have a ready smile and something pleasant to say. You'll soon enjoy more fun - and more friends! 


And just as an added bonus, I've added this video from the era that really drives home how much this was socially engineered to young women.

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