History Through Magazines

My very first and arguably the most fondest interaction with art dates back to Kindergarten when I used to make collages for my homework. There was always a prompt - a word, a color, a season that would have me flipping through my mom's old magazines. Learning visual literacy in the late '70s was something that really resonated with me, and would travel with me through the years. This way to learn through culture would expand and I'd start creating soundtracks for books (it helped me write better book reports, because I'd hear a song and remember a scene), and I'd create mood boards as well. 

The first magazine I truly fell in love with was Sassy in the late 80s. It launched right before I started high school in 1988, and it was the first magazine that felt like it was speaking my language. Still, I loved the fashion, teen, general interest, and music magazines and would flip endlessly through the pages. 

Over the years, I've built quite an extensive collection (I'm painstakingly archiving and cataloguing currently), which spans the entire twentieth century. When I recently moved into my new apartment and started unpacking, I would start reading the articles, realizing that so many vintage magazine blogs focus more on the imagery and advertisements, and all this amazing content seemed to be lost. I started a podcast, a Tumblr, and an Instagram to unify the imagery and the content in various mediums. Tumblr wasn't the right platform, so I moved to a more traditional blog format a couple of months ago. Perhaps the podcast will come back, but I am dabbling with the idea of vlogging. 

I am thrilled that educators, innovators, librarians, vintage enthusiasts, and other collectors have given me some great feedback. There's just so much we can learn through the content in these magazines.

Available for Research Services & Speaking Engagements!

Need some research about a specific topic from the 1900s-1990s? I offer research services based on my collection.

In addition, I am also available to speak about and/or read articles on your topic/article of choice at schools and libraries. I am based in the New York City area and can be available to travel. 

email: periodicallyvintage@gmail.com